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What to look for when buying your first RV

10th Sep 2020

The idea of purchasing your first RV can be an exciting, yet overwhelming prospect. There’s so much thrilling potential on the horizon for life-affirming adventure, but with so many models available you can get swamped for choice.
You can generally narrow down your options based on how many people you need to sleep, your estimated budget and what type of journey or adventure you’ll be embarking on. However, there are a few other considerations too.

Fortunately, at Jayco we have our budding RV adventurers in mind. As a useful guide in helping you decide, we have put together some useful questions to think about to enable you to make an informed decision when choosing which RV is right for you.

How many people do you need to sleep?

Whether you’re a young or senior couple or perhaps a family of four or more, accommodating your numbers is naturally crucial when considering which RV is appropriate for you.

Jayco RVs have been specially built to accommodate every type of traveller. Designed with freedom in mind, our compact lightweight J-Pod models for instance are ideal for thrill-seeking singles or couples embarking on a short break. They each sleep two in a double bed.

On the other hand, our Motorhome range is just the ticket for an equally adventurous family. All offer a range of superior floor plans to accommodate any lifestyle, sleep up to four people and are absolutely packed full of features.

How much space do I have to store it?

A natural consideration when looking for your first RV is where you’ll be storing it when you’re not on vacation. The type of vehicle you purchase and its length and height is really determined by how much storage space you have at home.

One of the unique benefits of our Pop Top range is the space saving advantages of having a roof that can pop down. This easily enables you to store it in a conventional garage. An equally appealing aspect of our J-Pod models is that they’re even more compact so storage isn’t a big issue at all.

What is your vehicle tow capacity?

Another really important consideration is accurately matching your tow vehicle to your RV.

Fortunately, Jayco has a handy ‘Compare the range’ tool that’ll easily help you narrow down your choice depending on your vehicle tow capacity.

Will it match my journey and lifestyle?

What you plan on doing with your first RV will largely define which model is right for you. Where you take it will also determine what essentials you’ll need. Whether you’ll be journeying off grid or hitting the road for an extended holiday, you need to ensure that your RV is tailored to your own type of adventure with some useful optional extras. On the other hand, there’s no point in paying for features you won’t get any benefit from.

At Jayco we have a wide variety of RVs to match your journey requirements. What’s more, many of our models come with a list of extras to enable you to option up. For instance you may be planning on getting away for a few months and need something to simply get you from one caravan park to the next.

Our caravan range sleeps from four up to six people and comes with all the comfort and well-equipped features you’d come to expect from a Jayco. There are also some convenient optional extras, like a 3kg washing machine for our Starcraft and Journey models if you’re embarking on that longer journey.

When heading off road you need to ensure your RV is outfitted accordingly. Fortunately we also have models across our entire range to accommodate that type of adventuring.

Both models in our J-Pod range are equipped for adventure. However, it’s the Outback that stands apart. With a 160W solar panel, optional awning walls for longer stays and high performance JTECH 2.0 Independent suspension for smoother ride, stability and increased ground clearance (not forgetting the checker plate protection), the Outback is certainly well prepared for travelling off-grid.

If you need something larger our premium All-Terrain Pop Top has been built to tackle the toughest Australian environment. This rugged RV comes with optional extras like Lithium batteries that’ll ensure you have power for longer when you’re off grid camping. And if you plan to take a larger family on your outback adventure our six-sleeper All Terrain Caravan comes with essential add-ons like a grey water tank to maximise your vehicle’s sustainability.

Will the storage meet my needs?

When looking for your first recreational vehicle, you need to think about your belongings too.

Ample internal and external storage has always been a consideration with Jayco. Even our compact models (like the J-Pod) have convenient, easily accessible storage space included. For families you can’t go wrong with our Journey Caravans. Both include large internal and external storage with optional extras like slide out storage drawers and accessible external storage hatches.

But occasionally you need to bring along some family toys with you to enhance the journey. For this you may like to consider our Work ‘n’ Play and Basestation Toy Haulers. These work as both a part caravan, part garage vehicle, with built-in hitch points and superior storage space that allows your bikes and other outdoor toys to be easily secured when on the road.

Is safety guaranteed? 

You should always have that all-important safety assurance. Feeling safe and secure when you’re out and about exploring our vast country should be a natural guarantee in any RV.

With Jayco, all our RVs undergo rigorous examination at our Quality Assurance Centre to meet strict safety requirements. A feature of our caravans is Sway Command Tow Control for increased safety assurance while driving.

The Breakaway System also comes as a reassuring standard for our caravans – activating the electric brakes and brake lights in the unlikely event of a caravan accidentally separating from the tow vehicle. With some of our models, you also have the option of additional safety items like reversing cameras.

What about warranty?

Warranty is crucial when purchasing your new recreational vehicle. You need peace-of-mind that your RV will be free from defects as you embark on your adventure.

Jayco’s 2-year warranty provides that essential reassurance for all new RVs. We also include a 5-year structural warranty and every one of our RVs come with 3 years of Jayco Roadside Assist too, which provides 24-hour all-year round support. We certainly have you covered.

What’s the strength and durability like?  

When out and about touring our beautiful country, you need an RV with the strength and durability that’ll withstand all the natural elements that Mother Nature throws at you.

Jayco is renowned for its fibreglass walls, galvanised chassis and superior aluminium construction. Our vacuum-bonded quad-layer Tough Frame wall construction technology means they’re stronger and lighter and provide superb thermal and acoustic insulation.

Our patented Aluminium frame furniture has extra strength and durability, while our lightweight galvanised Endurance Chassis are reassuringly stronger than conventional box chassis for added protection against corrosion.

Narrow down your search

While there’s plenty to think about when purchasing your first RV, Jayco has a useful feature that’ll easily help you narrow down your search based on where you want to go, how many people you need to sleep, your budget range, along with some basic feature options.